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A grinder pump, or Sewage pump, is a waste-management device designed to be used with toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, and other devices that produce waste water. The grinder pump turns all of this water-carried waste into a kind of slurry, which is then transported to local sewer systems. These pumps are heavy and  are located inside of sewage a lift station pit that is buried in the ground and can be difficult to access by those who are not professionals. 

A Few Things to Consider


A important aspect is the size of the grinder pump. They come in a variety of sizes, some of which may be more suitable than others. A small home or apartment, with one or two people living there, may need a smaller pump than a household with six or seven. Size relates to the cost of the whole pump, and may also affect the choice of designs you have available to you. You should consider the size requirements of the tank and pump before purchasing


The purpose of the grinder pump is to convert sewage into a movable slurry, but there are several designs . This cuts down pieces of sewage which make it able to travel through a smaller diameter  pipe without clogging. This limits one of the biggest problems which the plumbing systems have. The design of the pump can include noise level reduction, long range discharge, and many other variables.


The cost of a grinder pump is also a consideration. In houses who are regularly having to call out plumbers to remove sewage from pipes, a pump of this nature can help to cut those costs, although you will still need to consider calling out a professional for the installation and maintenance of the pump. There is very little on the pump that can be done by the householder, so once it is installed you will need annual servicing, and call outs for any other times. These costs, plus the costs of the original installation, should be considered when choosing the type of grinder pump you want